I poke holes in the film with pins

Yes, I still want to write about a project management. You can wander why da hell I show here the part of script of Fabelmans (2022) – IMDb? It is quite easy and straightforward, at least for me 🙂
If you want to classify the movie it is a good, solid family drama. Also if you familiar with the name Spielberg then can be sure that it is a great piece of entertainment which comes from purest emotions you can find inside your heart. Steven Spielberg gives us his most personal film ever… Some say The Fabelmans is simply Spielberg’s autobiography. Of course you can find there a manifesto on behalf of popular film – a passionate affirmation movie making. The main symbolic plot of the movie is a conflict of craft with art or you can also interpret it as the fight of rationalism with unpredictable emotions.

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