My experience – summary

Hello, welcome to my page! I hope you will find a valuable content but I must warn you it is mainly about me and my offer.

I have been working as a professional IT program or project manager for over 20 years in different companies across the globe. I have been running many projects in IT domain mainly for corporations, public organisations and also start-ups. As PM I have experienced a waterfall approach but recently I am more focused on the agile collaboration.  

My clients:

I provide my service in following domains:

  • a professional consulting service directly running projects and programs
  • coaching and training
  • mentoring
  • IT transformation service

I am the author of the project management course and training ‘to be Project manager by Dariusz’ ‘2BPM© by Dariusz’    

I would like to share my practical knowledge with you how to run projects effectively. I want to show how to become a project manager having a right tools to manage people and resources.